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What to take to Vietnam – NOT MUCH!

When friends and family ask me what to take to Vietnam, my first response is always, “As little as possible!” There are, however, a few things you would be advised to bring. The list below is for Ho Chi Minh City...


Is Ho Chi Minh City Safe?

Is Ho Chi Minh City Safe? If I had to say the most common question we get asked when people find out we live in Saigon, it would have to be “Is Ho Chi Minh City safe?”. It’s a tough question...


Staying Healthy on Your Visit

Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant International destination but there are still some things you should consider for staying healthy on your visit.  Here’s a few tips and some handy numbers if the worst does happen and you need...


Elusive search for a Vietnam Postcode

Why did I need a  Vietnam Zip Code (Postal Code)? The short answer is AMAZON! And, I can assure you, the search for a postcode for our new address in Ho Chi Minh City has not been easy. Something that should have...


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