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Get Away Worry Free 0

I wrote a book….

Hi all. Just wanted to let you all know that I finally got my act together and finished my ebook that I began on the plane over here to Ho Chi Minh City. Its called Get Away Worry Free: Pre-Trip...

Walking Around Ho Chi Minh City 10

War Remnants Museum

Rated as the number 4 of 83 attractions in Ho Chi Minh City (by members of Tripadvisor), the War Remnants Museum remains as controversial as ever. Over the years it has had several names. How confrontational they have been is directly...


Inspired Travel – Read a Book!

No, I’m not saying read a book INSTEAD of travel..I’m talking about inspired travel. Using a book to either get your imagination fired up about where to go OR keeping the motivation up once you’ve decided where to go. Let’s look...


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