Style in the City of Saigon – Another Unique Shopping Tour

Shop til you drop with Ro.

Shop til you drop with Ro.

OK shoppers. Here’s another tour in Saigon that is very unique and a whole lot of fun. Very luxe and a wonderful treat for those who like a little bit of indulgence. It’s a must do for anyone remotely interested in beautiful fashion and accessories.

How does cocktails, limousines, a visit to the best designers in Saigon, cool clothes, a pamper session, high tea and dinner in an exclusive restaurant sound? Rosemary (from Saigon Treasure Hunt) has created an ab fab tour that ticks all the boxes for discovering style in the city of Saigon.

The thing I love about Rosemary’s tours is the complete lack of hassle. Anyone who’s haggled over a piece of clothing in one of the usual tourist markets will know exactly what I mean. There’s no one tugging at your sleeve or pulling on your heart strings to be their lucky customer.  On this trip we only visit shops and no markets so its only fixed prices… but we do get good discounts by being on the tour.

Style in the City of Saigon

Style in the City of Saigon – Another unique shopping tour

The tour starts by entering a stretch limousine. Quaff a glass of bubbles as you sink into the leather seats and Rosemary explains how the day will roll.  A nonstop shopping extravaganza that will take you to specialist fabric shops, be introduced to some amazing jewelry and accessory shops, bags and belts and several design houses who’ve won international fashion awards.

Style in the City of Saigon

Its all about style and having fun

Don’t worry if you’re not a svelte, lithe young thing or lack an innate fashion sense. The tour caters for all shapes and sizes and you might just learn a thing or two about dressing with style. Rosemary’s creative expertise will have you looking pretty damn good in no time. And, if you’re like me, much larger than the average Vietnamese, Rosemary will take you to places where you’ll actually be able to buy clothes that fit.

Once you’ve sated the shopping urge, you’ll be treated to high tea in one of Saigon’s nicest cafes, before being whisked off to have your hair washed and styled. All relaxed and coiffured you enjoy dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

Style in the City of Saigon

Pampering at the end of the day….

So by now you might be wondering just HOW MUCH IS ALL THIS GOING TO COST????? Well surprise, surprise….it’s less than $150 for the whole day out.

Ro is coming up with new and interesting tours all the time. Just this month the girls went out on the first “Casual Day Out – Fashion and Shopping Tour” and a good time was had by all. A second one is happening on the 10th June. If you’re interested then contact Rosemary at City Treasure Hunts on  – +84 (0) 90 635 4722 or email: Tours don’t run everyday but she’ll be able to tell you what’s available.  If tours don’t align with your arrival dates then customized private shopping tours can be arranged on request.

Photo Credits: All pictures have been provided by Ro from City Treasure Hunts.

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