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Awesome travel pics - Travel+ 1

Awesome Travel Pics in Vietnam

I can’t even begin to count the number of really amazing photographs I’ve missed over the course of our travels. Most of the time I just shrug it off and try and keep the memories. But occasionally it really pains...


Saigon Photo Tour – MOTO FOTO SAIGON

Saigon has soooo many photo opportunities I wish I had a camera implanted behind my eyes. I never seem to be ready when the pictures present themselves and I’m a long way from being considered a great photographer. As I’m...

Massage in Saigon - Hot rocks 3

Hot Rocks and Oil. Massage in Saigon – Part 2

Upfront, I haven’t been a big fan of massages in the past. Even at in my most compulsive obsessive days of triathlons I was never one to line up for a rub down. Unfortunately however, my body is getting older,...

Vietnam Backroads 0

Vietnam Cycling Reviews (2) – Vietnam Backroads

As much as I love living in Ho Chi Minh City, the hustle and bustle can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s when I like to head for quieter locales like the Mekong Delta. You guys probably know from my previous posts...

Christina's Saigon 3

Christina’s Saigon

SUPER NEWS! Since writing this post back in 2014, I’ve kept in contact with the guys from Christina’s Saigon. They are genuine, kind and hospitable and, I like to hang out with folks like that. I’ve been extremely gratified to see my first...


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