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Ngon 138 Ho Chi Minh City 3

Ho Chi Minh City Restaurants – Ngon 138

I would hazard a bet that most tourists to Ho Chi Minh City that have been on any kind of cultural tour would have visited this elegant District 1 restaurant at 138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, just across the park from...

Ho Chi Minh City's Street Food 10

Best Street Food Vietnam – On a mission!

The Mission – Find the Best Street Food in Vietnam (or at least Ho Chi Minh City!) Last time we lived in Vietnam, we stayed right smack bang in the middle of the backpacker area and therefore got quite used to...


Inspired Travel – Read a Book!

No, I’m not saying read a book INSTEAD of travel..I’m talking about inspired travel. Using a book to either get your imagination fired up about where to go OR keeping the motivation up once you’ve decided where to go. Let’s look...

Blue River hotel, HCMC 4

Blue River Hotel – Ho Chi Minh City

Editors Update April 2016: Pleased to say the Blue River is still going strong. The rooms are still good value and the staff, friendly and helpful.  We arrived early one morning, way before check-in time, with no reservation. Not surprisingly,...

cheap hotel in Ho Chi Minh City 2

How to find a Cheap Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

By international standards finding a cheap hotel in Ho Chi Minh City is a breeze. Compared to Europe, the USA or Australia, the quality of room you will get for your money will be so much higher. Rooms are plentiful,...


Holy Cow…Ho Chi Minh City Restaurants and Bars

Editors Note 2016: Sorry guys the Spotted Cow has closed down. After all those years, who would have thought? It looks like the Vietnam Swans have now been adopted by the Champion Sports Bar a bit further up the street...


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