Malt – Not just all about beer!

Malt Bar, 46-48 MAc Thi Buoi District 1

Convenient location right in the centre of D1

A newish craft beer bar in town, Malt is conveniently situated at 46-48 Mac Thi Buoi, just off Dong Khoi in District One. With a friendly no smoking atmosphere, energetic staff and tasty bar food, it’s made it onto our list of favourite places to drink around town, after only one visit.

Popular amongst the craft beer crowd, Malt have a good range of different brews on offer. A brand new, 12 tap delivery system ensures a consistently good pour. Pasteur Street Brewing company take up three of the taps with their highly sought after Jasmine IPA,  Passion Fruit Wheat Ale and, my favorite, the Coconut Porter.  (Note: that these do change so they might not be the same when you get there.) They also serve another favourite of ours, Fuzzy Logic Pale Ale. (Is that a great name for a beer or what??) Here’s a point of trivia for you. Malt currently sells more Fuzzy Logic than any other place in Saigon. We did our bit to add to the statistics the night we visited. The Phat Rooster IPA is also worth turning up for alone.  If you want to explore even further, there’s a growing range of bottled craft brews available as well.

MAlt Bar - District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Craft beer on tap, good range of bottled brews, quality single malt whiskeys, and signature cocktails.

If craft beer is not your thing, then try out their extensive range of single malt whiskeys or choose from a full list of exotic cocktails to shake off the 9 to 5 blues. If (god forbid!) you have friends that don’t like beer, the full range of drinks on offer, will make it easier to convince them to come along.

Malt Bar - Mac Thi Buoi, Saigon

Tim and Matt having an intense discussion about the health benefits of craft beer!

Owner, Matt is quick to point out that Malt is not just another sports bar. In fact, there’s no sport at all on the single screen at the bar. But they do have a very cool Shuffleboard table. We’d never seen the game before but apparently, it’s super popular in The States. After watching a few games, I’m not surprised. It’s a game of skill that gets better as the drinks take effect. On busy nights you might have to wait a while to get a spot at the table.

Another activity that takes center stage is darts. The Saigon International  Darts League (SIDL) uses Malt as one of its venues during the season. If you reckon your aim is true, why not join a local team and make it a regular part of your social calendar?

Shuffleboard in Ho Chi Minh City

New to us. We’re now shuffleboard fans. Fancy a game?

Malt has a welcoming atmosphere and is perfect for mixed company.  Unlike some of the “gentlemen’s bars”, not too far away, there’s no problem whatsoever in bringing your wife or girlfriend here to relax and have a good night out together.

Malt Bar - Chicken Wing specialty

OMG! The maple wings were to die for!

Malt - All day brunch

Mix and match ingredients for the ultimate breakfast.

The food on offer compliments the beer perfectly and they’re working on expanding the menu. It was hard to decide, but we settled on the specialty of the house – Chicken Wings. The large platter for 200 000 VND, was more than enough for both of us. If you’re not that hungry, they have a smaller serve for 120 000 VND (Insider Tip: In Happy Hour ( 9am-7pm) the wings are only 80/150 000VND – BARGAIN!!) They’ve recently begun opening for brunch, seven days a week. Missing home? Try the all-day, American Style Brunch where you can mix and match from a long list of favourites.

If quality drinks, food, and service, in an inviting setting is what you’re after, then add Malt to your list of places to visit while you’re in town. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see you down there!

Update: since our first visit about 2 weeks ago, Tim has been back three times (without me!!!). It’s now his “go-to” place for a great beer when he’s wandering around D1. Personally, I think he’s going to secretly practice his shuffleboard skills so he can whoop my butt next time I get there! He tells me it’s the increasing range of beers on offer and the excellent staff. What do you think?


Malt is open 7 days, 9 am to 1 am (Happy hour alll day til 7pm!!!)

Address: 46-48 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1

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